METTA RESOLUTION was founded with the aspiration for peace. In our daily lives we may have to face challenging events and people that do not accord with our wishes and views. When differences arise and are not properly settled, it can cause conflict. When conflict is not resolved, the peace within ourselves, our family, our workplace, or our community could be threatened.

METTA RESOLUTION strives to act as peacemakers in conflict by building the bridge of understanding between people and groups. Then from that empathetic understanding of the other, we guide people to finding solutions to the problems that the parties are faced with.

METTA RESOLUTION strives to act as peacekeepers in times when there is no immediate conflict so as to be preventative rather than reactive. METTA RESOLUTION therefore plays an educating role by providing coaching, training, and workshops to individuals or groups to learn the skills of conflict resolution and to develop their own conflict resolution strategy tailored to suit their circumstances. METTA RESOLUTION also runs a mentoring program for aspiring mediators.

METTA RESOLUTION is inspired by the Buddhist principles of peace and skillfulness, though we are not here to preach or serve only Buddhist clients.